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Films viewed in 2020

Films viewed in 2020

It’s the 12th time that I share the list of  movies I watched in a given year. I am sure I forgot to note a quite a few movies, but even with these omissions the number is  lower than most previous years’. One reason for this is that in 2020 I watched a lot more TV series that is not on the list.

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Screenshot from The Banker

The power of editing; thoughts on “The Banker” (USA, 2020, 2 hr)

The banker could and should appeal to so many different kind of people: 

  • Those who believe in the rugged individualism myth – as this is a story of a person who had a goal and accomplished it through perseverance.
  • Those who enjoy the aesthetic of the 1950’s material culture – as it has beautiful cars, stylish clothes, magnificent buildings and interiors, objects of many kind stunningly shot.
  • Those who are poor – as it can give them hope that it is possible to rise above if you are hardworking and talented.
  • Those who are against racism – as it shows the triumph of an African-American man against systemic racism, although he doesn’t always prevail.
  • Those who enjoy learning about history – as this movie very much is based on a true story even if it took editorial liberties.
  • Feminists – as it shows strong female characters, although it doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test.
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